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All about Campside Photos

There’s so much in store

Campside Photos is dedicated to preserving the beauty of life's most cherished moments through the art of photography. Our diverse collection of photos truly captures the essence of nature, inspiring and breathtaking in equal measure. We believe that photographs are more than just images—they are memories, treasures to be shared from generation to generation. We are honored to take part in the process of making sure these moments are preserved for years to come.

Meet the Fox Family

Committed to your satisfaction

Patrick and Meghan Fox both needed to make a change in their lives during the middle of the global pandemic.  We both were working long hours and living but did not feel alive.  We decided to change our lives and start living again.  We bought an Airstream Globetrotter and determined we were going to do a year full time in the RV.  There were many lessons we learned on the road, but one thing we found a passion in was photography.  We wanted to capture the essence of every moment to be able to share with people in the future.  Our love for photography has taken us to all corners of the world, from the busiest cities to the most remote wilderness locations. At Campside Photos, striking the ideal balance between functionality and aesthetics is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We do not merely take pictures, but instead seek to encapsulate the true spirit of each moment within each photograph.


Patrick Fox


Patrick enlisted into the U.S. military at the 19.  He served 7 years in the U.S. Army (being deployed to Iraq twice) and was honorably discharged in 2011.  He found himself working in the mortgage industry after the Army.  He picked up Photography as a hobby in 2018 when he went on a trip to St. Lucia.  His passion for photography was instantaneous.  Patrick brings a passion for photography and experience to create beautiful, high-quality images.  Through his background in work, Patrick brings discipline and attention to detail to every shoot, ensuring that every aspect of the photo is perfect. Whether it's editing a photo or having the patience to sit and wait for the perfect shot, Patrick's goal is to capture the essence of any subjects and create a lasting memory.

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Meghan Fox


Meghan Fox works in marketing (advertising) and has always had a love for adventures.  She enjoys being outside and checking out any cool new location.  She is the backup photographer and occassionally takes good shots! 

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Indy & Piper 

Adventure Partners 

Indy and Piper are our adventure puppies who travel everywhere with us.  They loved spending their time in the RV and going on many different walks and got all the sniffs in they could.   

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