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The transition is swift yet graceful, as the light purple sky deepens into a vibrant shade of bright pink. The mountains, standing as silent sentinels, now bear witness to the kaleidoscopic spectacle unfolding above. The horizon becomes a seamless blend of pastel tones, captivating all who gaze upon it.


Finally, as the light pink hues yield to the quiet dominance of the fog, the scene transitions into a serene and introspective atmosphere. The forest-covered mountains below the Blue Ridge Parkway, now veiled in mist, beckon contemplation and evoke a sense of the sublime..


In this timeless symphony of color and atmosphere, nature orchestrates a visual masterpiece along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The delicate dance between the fading light, the vibrant hues, the mystifying fog, and the steadfast mountains creates a scene that transcends mere observation, inviting those who witness it to be part of the poetry of the landscape.

Goodnight Asheville

  • This product can come in two formats:

    • Matted 
    • Printed Photo Only


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