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Against the backdrop of Montana's vast and untamed landscape, where Hotel Meade stands as a silent witness to the passage of time and the stories of those who once traversed its doors.


Hotel Meade’s story unfolds like the pages of a frontier novel, a narrative that spans the highs and lows of Bannack, Montana. Built in 1875 as a county courthouse, this architectural gem sat silently against the backdrop of Montana's rugged landscape. It wasn't until 1890 that its story took a turn, transforming it into the bustling heart of Bannack—a thriving hotel that welcomed visitors seeking fortune in the mines.


Hotel Meade's rooms echoed with the laughter and conversations of those drawn to the promise of Montana's riches. It stood not just as a place to rest one's head but as a microcosm of frontier life—a nexus where stories were shared, friendships forged, and dreams pursued.


While Bannack may be a ghost town, its historic structures, are preserved as a living tribute to Montana's frontier heritage. Hotel Meade, with its roots in justice, its heyday as a bustling hotel, and its final chapter as a relic of the past, stands as a poignant symbol of Bannack's frontier spirit.

Once Upon a Hotel

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