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The black bear mother, with a gaze that seems to carry the weight of her responsibilities, surveys the surroundings. Her eyes reflect a mix of determination and vulnerability as she navigates the terrain, driven by the instinct to provide for her cub.


A backdrop of towering trees, a mother bear stands near a metal BBQ grill, a vestige of human presence in the wilderness. The grill becomes a focal point for the bear's quest for nourishment.


The air is thick with the scents of the forest and the remnants of past campfires. The mother bear, with a silent determination, explores the area around the grill, perhaps hoping to find a morsel left behind by previous campers.


In this fleeting moment, the struggles of the black bear family echo the broader challenges faced by wildlife in a world increasingly shaped by human activity. The forlorn expression of the mother’s search for sustenance underscore the complex relationship between nature and civilization.In this evocative photo, the mother's forlorn expression becomes a silent plea, urging us to reflect on the coexistence of humanity and the wild, and the delicate balance that must be preserved for the generations yet to roam the forest.                                                                                                             

Out to Lunch

  • This product can come in multiple formats:

    • Matted 
    • Framed
    • Metallic 
    • Printed Photo Only


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